A.H. Tambiev
Dr.Sc. (Biol.), Professor, Biology Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University

This article (review) cited works, which showing connection of bioelementology with a number of disciplines, primarily photobiotechnology, including information on its common objects cyanobacteria of the genus Spirulina, as well as work on nutritional value of some representatives of the genus Nostoc. Given the different methods of cultivation on an industrial scale species Spirulina platensis and Spirulina maxima in different countries, the overall chemical composition of these objects, and the comparison between them on some physiological indicators. Provides works, where shown opportunities for the accumulation of these cells cyanobacteria number of essential and conditionally essential trace elements (Mo, B, Se, Zn, V, Li, Co) introduced into the nutrient medium, the proposed concept of optimal concentrations in the environment and accumulation rate in their cells. Also the accumulation of a specified number of trace elements associated with surface structures of cells, the distribution of trace elements in cellular fractions and the changes in the total elemental composition of cells in the achievement of individual trace elements in the environment of their optimal concentrations. Apparently, these issues closely aligned with important provisions of cell biology and bioengineering. The review also considered the relationship bioelementology with electronics, because a number of cited works far as learning opportunities to stimulate growth and biomass yield of these objects using electromagnetic waves of millimeter range (EHF radiation) low, non-thermal intensity. This work allowed us to propose a hypothetical mechanism of action of EHF radiation on the living processes of photosynthetic microorganisms, including reducing the toxic effects of certain trace elements on the cells of cyanobacteria.

Key words: cyanobacteria
millimeter wave (EHF radiation)
essential and conditionally-essential trace elements
the optimal concentration of minerals
the rate of accumulation of trace elements in cells
the elemental composition of the cells.