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A.E. Pobilat Ph.D. (Med.), Krasnoyarsk State Medical University; Director, Clinic of Modern Trichology (Krasnoyarsk) E-mail: E.I. Voloshin Dr.Sc. (Agric.), Professor, Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University

The gross content of cobalt in the soils of agricultural grounds of Krasnoyarsk Region fluctuates from 1.0 to 77.0 mg/kg. The spatial contents and distribution of cobalt in regional soils is caused by unequal conditions of soil formation, distinctions in particle size and mineralogical distribution and concentration of an element in soil-forming rock. The highest content of cobalt is noted in the Achinsk and Bogotol and the Nazarovo forest-steppe zones. The lowered content of gross cobalt is observed in Minusinsk forest-steppe zone which is connected with the easiness of their particle size distribution. The average content of cobalt in sod-podzolic soil makes 9.4 mg/kg, sulfur forest – 9.1, the chernozyom lixivious – 10,5, the chernozyom ordinary – 9.9, the chernozyom carbonate – 89, intrazonal – 8.8. In the surveyed territory in 2.54 million hectares the average background content of cobalt equals 9.3 mg/kg or 1.2 Clark. The content of mobile cobalt in different types of soils is subject to big fluctuations. These changes are connected with a consid-erable diversity in a soil cover, genetic features of soils, distinctions in their particle size distribution, agrophysical and agrochemical characteristic. The amount of cobalt in arable soils fluctuates within 1.33–3.45 mg/kg or 17.0–22.0% of the gross content. In sod-podzolic and gray forest soils the average content of mobile cobalt changes from 1.7 to 1.9 mg/kg and in chernozyoms in the range of 2.6–2.7 mg/kg and in intrazonal – 2.9–3.5 mg/kg. On the area of 1.57 million hectares arable soils have low and average supply of mobile cobalt. The greatest areas of soils with the deficiency of cobalt are observed in the Minusinsk forest-steppe. Weather condi-tions, properties of soils, security with their mobile form of an element and biological features of crops have impact on the content of cobalt in plants. The amount of cobalt in plants changes from 0.02 to 0.56 mg/kg at average value 0.12 mg/kg. In crop production the deficiency of cobalt is noted. The optimization of food of plants on soils with the insufficient content of cobalt requires introduction of cobalt fertilizers.

cobalt fertilizers.

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