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For authors

1. Review papers and original studies are accepted for publication. The following data shall be indicated above the main text of the article: last name, initials of all authors and scientific degrees (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professor; Candidate of Medical Science (CSc); title of work; name and address of a company, in which work has been done. E-mail and contact phone number of the authors shall be indicated as well. Publication of results of scientific studies conducted by any candidates is free of charge.
2. An article shall be accompanied by the official letter of reference from the company, in which it has been composed, and in special cases – by an expert opinion. Article shall be supplemented with review (no more than 3 pages), preferably from the other high educational institution.
3. Works published in other publications or submitted to other journal editorials shall not be submitted to the editorial stuff of given journal.
4. An article shall be signed by all authors.
5. An article and supplementary documents (reference, authors’ signatures sheet) shall be submitted to the Head of the editorial staff, Ikonnikova Veronika Vitalyevna to e-mail address: redvrach@rusvrach.ru
6. An article shall be printed in Times New Roman font, font size 14, with double line-to-line spacing; width of the right margin is 2.5 cm.
7. Both review and original articles shall contain results of own studies, volume of review articles shall not exceed 15 pages (including illustrations, tables and bibliography – maximum 20 sources), original studies – 10 pages (including bibliography – maximum 10 sources).
8. Besides commonly accepted abbreviated units of measure (SI-system) and terms, abbreviations of often repeated expressions are allowed. All alphabetical references and abbreviations introduced by the author shall be transcribed when mentioned for the first time.
9. Summary with key works in Russian language is mandatory for all articles and shall familiarize (in short – maximum 30 words) with key provisions of the article.
10. Bibliography (literature sources) in the article shall be given in square brackets as and when mentioned.
11. If articles are supplemented with tables and exhibits, references to such tables and exhibits shall be included in the text. All exhibits shall have titles and all tables shall have headings.
Data provided in tables and exhibits shall correspond to additional (if required) explanation in text, however without repetition thereof in the text. Units of measure in tables and exhibits shall be given in Russian language. If exhibits are photos, electronic variant shall be presented in TIF, JPG format with resolution of 300 dpi.
12. Bibliography shall be given in order of mentioning. In case of journal citation, the author shall provide last name of authors, then title of article, source name, year of issue, book and number of issue, pages. For example:
➢ Перепеч Н.Б., Михайлова И.Е. Современные β-адреноблокаторы: диапазон свойств и обоснование предпочтений // Сердце. – 2004; 3: 130–6.

➢ Abbott K., Trespalacios F., Agodoa L. et al. Beta-Blocker use in long-term dialysis patients: association with hospitalized heart failure and mortality // Arch. Intern. Med. – 2004; 164: 2465–71.
In case of book citation, the author shall indicate city, edition, year of issue and number of pages. For example:
➢ Шевченко О.П., Мишнев О.Д., Шевченко А.О. и соавт. Ишемическая болезнь сердца / М.: Реафарм, 2005; с. 236–55.
Ehen referencing to materials presented at conference (symposium), besides thesis titles, place and time of event shall be stated.
13. Articles accepted for publication shall pass scientific edition procedure. Editorial stuff is entitled to shorten articles.
14. In case of violation of present instructions, articles would be returned without review.