Yu.V. Boldyreva Ph.D. (Med.), Associate Professor, Department of Biological Chemistry, Tyumen State Medical University (Tyumen, Russia) E-mail: N.A. Kurlovich Ph.D. (Med.), Associate Professor, Department of Pathological Physiology, Tyumen State Medical University; Head of the Clinical Laboratory of the Polyclinic named after E.M. Niginsky (Tyumen, Russia) I.A. Lebedev Ph.D. (Med.), Associate Professor, Department of Neurology with the Course of Neurosurgery of the INPR, Tyumen State Medical University (Tyumen, Russia) A.V. Bragin Dr.Sc. (Med.), Professor, Head of the Department of Orthopaedic and Surgical Dentistry with a Course of ENT Diseases, Tyumen State Medical University (Tyumen, Russia) W.A. Shikhshabekova Student, Medical Faculty, Tyumen State Medical University (Tyumen, Russia) K.E. Zaitkhanova Student, Medical Faculty, Tyumen State Medical University (Tyumen, Russia)

In the world, the participation of D3 in biochemical processes is being studied. It is proved that the role of D3 is not only the regulation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism. The paper studied the level of D3 of patients observed in one of the polyclinics in Tyumen; 730 medical records were studied. To evaluate and analyze the relationship between the level of D3 among patients of therapeutic and dental profile, observed in the consultative and di-agnostic polyclinic named After E. M. Niginsky in Tyumen with: age and gender, place of residence, reason for seeking medical care, the presence of concomitant pathology. The D3 content in the blood was determined by the immunological method of quantitative determination in vitro. We used the method of enzyme im-munoassay using the 25-OH Vitamin D ELISA kit (Euroimmun, Germany). Most individuals have a D3 deficiency, which can be the result of many reasons. These individuals are a risk group for the development of pathology of processes controlled by D3. It should be remembered that every doctor can face them. In this regard, the issues of diagnosis and prevention of D3 de-ficiency should be known by doctors of all specialties.

vitamin D

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