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A.V. Malinovsky Engineer-technologist Biofizpribor, Branch of Federal Medical-Biological Agency (St. Petersburg, Russia) E-mail:

With diabetes the glucogenic or ketogenic character of one or another amino acid reveals itself more distinctly. The introduction of the former into the organism decreases the ketosis indication, whereas that of the latter increases this meaning.Threonine is conventionally considered to be the glucogenic amino acid like phenylalanine, tyrosine and isoleucine. As it is stated in the present paper, in the process of evolution a man on the genetic level lost the ability to the synthesis of threoninedehydrogenase — a ferment which can be found with many animals and which could participate in transformation of threonine to acetyl — koa, and therefore to ketone bodies. Thus, conclusion about the full absence of ketogenic action with man can be made.

the glucogenic action
the ketogenic action

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